A.I. Support for Patent Professionals

Powerful, Intelligent Software for Automated Patent Filings

Organize, create, and upload patent filings in a single click


IDS Manager

Organize applications and references into groupings that make sense to you. Easily gather, review, and populate IDS forms.

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Apply deep learning models to your references to determine a materiality score in IDS manager

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Algorithm Dashboard

Train, Optimize, and Deploy your own proprietary A.I. models using an intuitive platform. No PhD required.

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Automated Form Generation

Embedded font issues are a thing of the past. USPTO EFS forms and documents in one place and created in a snap.

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Introducing AMA - Automated Machine Assistant for patent filings. Communicate with your first virtual patent assistant to query and return information about your patent estate.

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1-Click EFS-Web Uploads

100% compliant with new MyUSPTO login. Just use the Sponsorship tool and never perform tedious USPTO form generation or uploads again!

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New to Temburi and just getting started?

No problem! Get a trial account and see why Fortune 500 companies and leading law firms use Temburi to automate routine patent prosecution, reduce compliance risk, and get more done in less time. To schedule a product demo with one of our product consultants, please fill in your contact details.

File an Information Disclosure Statement in 1-Click

Intelligent IDS Management

Using Temburi's IDS ManagerTM, you'll be able to easily organize applications into relationships, instantly see in which application a reference has already been cited or needs to be cited, and quickly download references for review all in one place

USPTO Form Generation

Tedious and repetitive form-filling is now a thing of the past. Never cut and paste into a USPTO form again. Temburi automatically collects and fills relevant information such as title, inventor, and dates into the proper fields with just a click.

EFS-Web Uploads in 1-Click

Frustrated by pdf-upload errors due to embedded fonts? Tired of uploading every single document one-by-one into EFS-Web. We have you covered! Simply select data on the dashboard, and Temburi does it all for you flawlessly.
100% compliant with new MyUSPTO login!

Deploy your own A.I. algorithms

Complete, Powerful, Analysis

Being up to date on Artificial Intelligence tools is an absolute must in today's age. Temburi's MaterializerTM provides an intuitive interface for you to develop, train, and use your own algorithms on your data or in the wild.
Want to quickly identify documents as being potentially material? Temburi can run classification algorithms modeled to your requirements on thousands of documents in seconds.
Need to understand a field of art quickly? Temburi can render powerful data visualizations that give you deep insights on who is filing what and where based on what's important to you.
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What about on-boarding?

I have hundreds of cases that are already in prosecution. Some with IDS's submitted. How much will it cost to get started?

Nothing, but the time required to fill out a spreadsheet, review, and approve

Get started in 3 easy steps

Watch how effortless the process is in the video below

We take a comprehensive approach to rapid on-boarding that obtains the prosecution history and creates the necessary database automatically.

- Ryan Downs, CTO, Temburi Software

How much can I save in time and money?

Time Savings
Preparing documents, filings, and management
Cost Savings
Based on fixed fee before and after Temburi
Productivity Gains
Increase in # of filings/day

Measurable Benefits

  • Automation that cuts your workload into fractions. Check!

  • Massively scaleable algorithms tailored to you. Check!

  • Faster, more meaningful insights than a standard patent search. Check!

  • Cost-savings, increased productivity, and efficiency gains. Double check

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