A.I. Support for Patent Professionals




Our intuitive dashboard makes it easy to aggregate and train deep learning models on the input you provide. PhD not required.


Improve model performance using our built in optimization features. Select the right hyper-parameter value and see improved classification.


Incorporate your models in your prosecution pipeline with a click of a button.  Determine if a reference is material using a model you developed.

Complete, Powerful, Analysis

Being up to date on Artificial Intelligence tools is an absolute must in today's age. Temburi's MaterializerTM provides an intuitive interface for you to develop, train, and use your own algorithms on your data or in the wild.
Want to quickly identify documents as being potentially material? Temburi can run classification algorithms modeled to your requirements on thousands of documents in seconds.
Need to understand a field of art quickly? Temburi can render powerful data visualizations that give you deep insights on who is filing what and where based on what's important to you.
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Deploy your own A.I. algorithms